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Retromags 2021, 2022 & 2023 Torrents Released!


We are pleased to present our "Retromags 2005-2020 Collection" in torrent format. This torrent is seeded 24/7/365 for everyone to catch up.  This contains all of our releases from 2005 to 2020, which comes out to 2020 releases (319GB). The torrent is broken into 20 subfolders each with 101 files within in alphabetical order. This way you can choose to seed the entire torrent along side of us, or specific sub folders if space is an issue. This torrent supersedes the older 2017 base torrents and the 2018-2020 update torrents.

Once you have the above torrent, the update torrents below build on top of this and each other. 2021 builds on top of 2005-2020, 2022 builds on top of 2021 and 2005-2020....etc..

Please feel free to reupload this to any private or public trackers you may belong to. But we do ask that you do not modify these torrents :)




providing unlimited downloads costs us $32 per month, please consider donating or subscribing


Feb 1st-2024

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