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About this blog

My first attempt into scanning a magazine. What makes it more interesting is that I scanned it unbinded. Painstakingly scanning each page on a huge canon Color Imageclass Printer/scanner combo machine. Looked down upon by some but I made many edits and re-scans to make it look not binded. Although not 1:1 perfect I think it turned out pretty good for the weeks I put into this. Enjoy and expect more scans from my old collection!

I chose PC Gamer because it's one of my favs and this site has only a few (whats up with that?) 

If you grabbed the one i had in the forums please re-download. I made many improvements on pages since then.

** Updated Aug 23 **

Well I managed to miss a white blob on one of the editors shiny forehead. Fixed now.


I'll post on this blog again if i make any additional edits.


Entries in this blog


My Scans #4 - PC Gamer March 2000

Update // Oct 30 New file is smaller. All dual ads are together and look better.  




My Scans #3 - SWATPro September 1995

This one was standing on its last legs. It was hanging by a few staples so I decided to unbind the mag. Surprisingly the pages were in pristine shape. Very few wrinkles or torns on them. The scans came out pretty clean with very few rescan jobs. Enjoy.



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