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The Starting Line



I am personally somewhat of a late bloomer when it comes to games. Sure, I had a NES system when I was younger but I was truly never what I'd call "hardcore." Yeah, I beat Mario and Zelda which I consider fairly nice accomplishments. I enjoyed both games but really my experience in gaming was fairly limited. I'd play the occasional game on other systems as I was growing up. Mainly at my friends house when they got a SNES or a Sega.

As I grew older my taste in games or desire to play them did not change much. I was more then happy most of the time to sit at my computer and play a game of Hearts or Solitaire. I also had very simple type games such as the Sims and Sim City. Challenging in their own way, they hardly ranked in the realms of the hardcore gamer. Which was just fine for me since I never even thought of myself as a "gamer."

The turning point came in my early 20's when I was given an Xbox. Now, not being a gamer I didn't really know what I was going to do with such a system. But, never one to turn down a freebie I accepted and brought it home and hooked it up. I told my friend about it soon thereafter and she, being a huge gamer herself, was probably more thrilled about it then I was at the time.

One of the first truly challenging games I took on then was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Wow, what a game. I was truly challenged and caught up in such a huge world where the possibilities seemed unlimited. The game to me came alive and I was more then just playing a game. I was living the game. And that was truly a first for me and a real eye opening experience.

Since that time I've bought a lot of new games and a new system, the Xbox 360. I've come to take on the challenges of many high end games in which I feel proud to have beaten. But, there is more then just a new system sitting at home with me now. I came upon someone selling a SNES with about 20 odd games for very cheap. So, it found a new home in my living room right along side my 360.

I think what captivated me was the challenge of the games. Growing up I was always playing a sport in which there was high amounts of competition. Be it softball, volleyball or anything in between I always took a challenge up and did my very best to win. I love the challenge a game can give you. You can live the world, be that character and if you try hard enough you can persevere. You can win. And winning feels good.


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What a great story! I always love hearing how others came into the world of gaming. And even if you are a self-admitted late bloomer, you have proven that there's no such thing as "too late to learn how to play". Your description of Morrowind is spot-on; you really do live it as opposed to just playing it, and that's why it's one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

Your luck with the Super NES find is extraordinary, and kudos to you for recognizing what a great little deal you found. The Super Nintendo is my favorite system of all time, and it's great to hear that even people who didn't grow up with one can have it hooked up next to their current-generation system and still enjoy playing it!

An excellent starting post, and I look forward to reading more. :)



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Great Blog. I kind of went through a similar phase when I wasn't all that interested in video games but then I discovered the Snes and never looked back. Since then I've been a pretty committed gamer.

Good to hear about other gamer's experience's. Enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work. :)

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