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Two Pieces of Contemplative Poetry




Occasionally when the muse strikes me, I will write. Sometimes I do short stories, sometimes I work on longer ones, but often I write poetry. These are two examples from my lunch break at work today. Feel free to contemplate their meaning to myself or to you, and discuss in the comments box.

* * * * *

In my heart

I wrote the ending a million times.

In my mind

I wrote it one thousand.

In my journal

I wrote it four or five.

In my reality

It was written once

With heavy editing, not my own.

* * * * *

A million ways to say hello

And one to say goodbye

A million ways to laugh and smile

And only one to cry.





Recommended Comments

I like these.

Actually I think these poem's would make great song lyric's. The first one has a Joy Division feel about it and the second poem is kind of Dylanesque (Bob that is, not Mr. Thomas). :)

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Are you a published poet Areala?

If you mean have I been paid money for my poetry by somebody else, then the answer is no. I've had it published on a few websites in the past, but that's about it. :)



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