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How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 2-9 (Puzzle)




How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 2-9 (Puzzle)



World: Metro

Level: 9

Type: Puzzle

Par: 3

Hint: Wake the boy and feed the girl breakfast!

This is a basic level, your goal is to feed the girl and wake the boy. How did I do it? I wrote "eggs" and gave them to the girl, and then wrote "alarm clock" and turned it on. If you have any other ways to solve this level, feel free to let us know via the comment system below B)



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You can feed the girl a whole list of things: eggs, cereal, toast...pretty much any breakfast food in the game.

To wake the boy I used an air horn. I've also waken him up by throwing things at him, like a water balloon, a rock, a ball, and anything else you can throw that will hit him in the head.

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Guest The best dog


Feeding the girl is easy- just think of any popular breakfast foods. Waffles, pancakes and cereal will all work.


As for the boy, a musical instrument will work, but so will things that cause a loud noise, such as a trumpet, trombone or an alarm. Gunshots, oddly, do nothing. 😞

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