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How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 2-10 (Puzzle)

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How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 2-10 (Puzzle)



World: Metro

Level: 10

Type: Puzzle

Par: 4

Hint: Provide a hot meal, something to wash it down and a sweet treat!

This is a basic level, your goal is to feed the chef. How did I do it? I wrote "turkey" and then "milk" and then "candy" and gave each to the Chef. Make sure to interact with the oven after this. If you have any other ways to solve this level, feel free to let us know via the comment system below B)

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Recommended Comments

I did it with steak and soup, both which I cooked with the oven first. Then cola/milk/lemonade and pie/cake/ice cream. I tried throwing a water balloon at him to wash his meal down, but that didn't work.

Next time maybe I will summon a cow, kill it and cook that. I wonder if that gets you more style points.

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The restrictions on this game are plain silly, though. I'm allowed to conjure an atomic bomb which blows up the entire level with a flash of light. But I can't give this poor chef a glass of wine? That's just crazy...

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