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Nintendo Power Retrospectives: Part 67

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This time we’re covering issue #50 of Nintendo Power for July of 1993

“Link’s Awakening” Gameplay Footage by TheRagnarokSeeker

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Games Reviewed:

  • WWF Royal Rumble – LJN
  • Run Saber – Atlus
  • EVO: The Search for Eden – Enix
  • Mario is Missing – Software Toolworks
  • Bubsy – Accolade
  • Link’s Awakening – Nintendo
  • Gargoyle’s Quest II – Capcom
  • T2: The Arcade Game (GB) – LJN
  • Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt (NES) – Ocean
  • Mighty Final Fight – Capcom
  • Bubble Bobble Part II (NES) – Taito

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