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Don't call it a blog




This isn't a blog.  There may never be a second entry, and I have no expectations that it will be seen, nor will I be making any effort to write anything of interest to anyone else.

What it is is a shout into the darkness by someone who has found that the most scintillating conversation at hand is sadly their own voice echoing back at them in an empty room. And before anyone pities me, I assure you that my personal life is fine and is not what is being discussed.

But Retromags dead. Or a ghost town at any rate, where the residents have all closed up shop, drawn the curtains and bolted their doors and windows against the roving bands of newbs and leechers who roll through on a regular basis, never stopping longer than it takes to download a batch of Nintendo Powers and GamePros and hightail it out of town. I used to be able to check the forums multiple times per day and find new posts each time.  But for months now, the forum is more or less silent for days if not a week or more at a time, and whenever a random post does pop up, it usually just sits there unanswered. (I reserve the right to pay no heed to the recent spattering of forum posts and continue to wallow in miserable negativity and pessimism.)

So rather than talk to no one, here I am, talking to myself.  I'm here every single day regardless, adding content to the site. If you'll pardon me while I pat myself on the back with both hands (and through an amazing feat of flexibility, my left foot as well), I'm the only person adding content to the site on a regular, let alone daily basis.  Of course, most of it is the kind of thing that goes unnoticed.  Adding magazines or issues to the database gets noticed by literally no one, and of the 6600 cover pics/ game ads I've uploaded (in a couple of months I expect to have uploaded more than half of the entire website's total Gallery pics), I've only seen a handful of comments or likes (less than 10, surely) to indicate that anyone has noticed them at all.  Which is fine, that isn't why I do it.  I do it for the good of the website.  But when the forums go dead for as long as they have, I sometimes wonder what the point is, if no one is even perusing the website beyond accessing the download section and leeching away in silence.

So again, here I am, talking to myself.  Hello, me. How are you? Nevermind, I already know.  Perhaps I'll talk to myself again sometime about something other than talking to myself. I'll never tell. Better to keep myself in suspense.



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