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Rage Quitters




Rage Quitters - Face it, about 80% of us have done this at some point.

Now lets start by addressing the fact that, yes, sometimes the internet connection will drop in the middle of an online game (counsel or PC). This article is not directed towards the people who happen to have a shoddy internet connection. I will even go so far as to allow for the fact that most online game netcode is bad enough to actually drop some button inputs. In online fighting games (say Marvel v. Capcom 2 or even BlazBlu and Tekken), one dropped input can easily be the difference between a win and a loss. Don't get me wrong, yelling and screaming when this happens is a perfectly natural thing.

The growing problem in online games today is the people who rage quit simply because they are currently losing. The match doesn't even have to be over. What is it about society today that makes it so that people feel it is perfectly fine to take away someone's win just so YOU do not get a loss. No one is going to get any better with the practice. The person who quit will continue the downward spiral into Rage Quitting every time and the other player just lost a portion of their life they will never get back due to Rage Ignorance.

Do not get me wrong, I consider myself an Elite Tekken player. When I lose a match online in Tekken I get upset...but I take the loss and learn from it. During Tekken DR Online, I took a loss that dropped me from the top 10 on the National Ranking board. It would have been easy to yank the cord out from the wall and stay in the top 10, but where is the fairness in that? Now other games, say Marvel v. Capcom 2, I am a horrible player. I am guessing my record is somewhere around 46 - 47. I have never once quit out of a game, no matter how hard I was being spanked. I have played several people who use only the "god tier" characters and if I manage to get them below half health will automatically quit out.

What is it about online games now that brings this rage quitting into such prevalence. It happens so often, it is almost not even worth playing online games anymore. The purpose of playing online games is to get the experience of playing against something other then the routine actions of the computer, not to start a match and have it end 6 seconds later.

Anyone know what is causing the insane increase in rage quitters? Is it the fact that people can no longer handle the idea of "losing" or are people so worried about their record that they could care less? Does everyone think that they are just the "Ultimate" in every game?

Any ideas on how this can be fixed? Personally I am all for a system that keeps track of how many uncompleted games that a person has. After a certain number, it should just go ahead and reset their record (if not ban them after a lot of them). This way people who legitimately have a bad connection will still get to play the game, but those that are raging over their records will have no purpose to pull the plug.


{/end rant}

I challenge anyone to come up with a good reason to rage quit in the middle of an online game.

Especialy in a game like BlazBlu where you actually get points...even for losing.

As always, all comments are appreciated and I will do my best to respond to all questions.



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In my life I have played about 7,000 Halo 2 Online matches.....and about 2,000 Halo 3 online matches. I hate quitters! As soon as the other team takes the lead....you get a bunch of 12 year olds quitting the match....even though you lose more points that way. Ugh...hate it!

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Yeah...it makes no sense. I just hate to think that it is more then just the 12 year olds that are doing it. It seems like Rage Quitting is even worse in Halo with the fact that you lose a ton of points as well. That being the case it seems like more and more people just can't deal with the idea of a "Loss". It seems like now-a-days you can't even tell someone they are anything other then above average without getting in trouble for it. At that rate no games will ever finish except in a massive "Rage Quit".

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The only online games I have played are America's Army and a Multi-User Dungeon.

"Rage Quitting" as you call it has no significance in America's Army except for perhaps "Frag Rate Whores" but if they don't want to play for the fun of it then that is their loss.

The MUD I used to play had player killing but "rage quitting" would ultimately result in loss of all equipment.

I can see how it would be annoying but for me I only play games to have fun. When it starts becoming more then that perhaps I myself will quit.

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