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  2. My PC is 7 years old so I've no way to win, but have entered the fray just to move us up a few slots on the overall team top list. I can get roughly 6,000 points per day with my i5 cpu and Nvidia GT640 card. Pocket change in the grand scheme of things. *huggles* Areala
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  4. Corporation, Shuttle

  5. Corporation, Shuttle

  6. Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Paperboy

  7. Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Paperboy

  8. Ghosts 'n' Goblins

  9. Ghosts 'n' Goblins

  10. Centipede

  11. Centipede

  12. Gunship (UK)

  13. Gunship (UK)

  14. Games That Need a Sequel!

    Agreed. Lost Sphear looked pretty neat as well. I remember Mike Matei (of AVGN) playing some other RPG a while back, if I recall, that was also developed by Square. I believe it was just a beta, but it definitely looked promising.
  15. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    I have two copies of this issue, and the second one has the comic. I will start saving it in the next couple of days.
  16. Videogames featured in television shows

    Head of the Class King of Remedial S3E20 Tired of Dennis Blunden's disruptions and outbursts during his Advanced History class, Mr. Moore casts Dennis to Remedial History where he leads a group of under achievers towards self confidence in their scholastic while proving that he too can behave like a mature adult. One new classmate is seen playing a handheld videogame he called "Commando". The episode originally aired April 1989 so I'm left to guess that it was either an authentic Nintendo Game & Watch portable or else a Radio Shack Tandy. Sesame Street Season 32 Jan 1 2001 episode 3916 During Elmo's segment called 'Elmo's World: Computers' a boy is seen using a computer which has a Playstation original perched atop This segment is also found on the 2002 made for tv video staring Telly called 'Computer Caper'
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  18. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    A buddy of mine has them all, and removed from the GP issues. If you find your issue does not have the insert, let me know and I'll see if I can get him to scan it. I think he's been planning on scanning the entire Flying Warriors comic as its own CBR for a while now(he's a huge fan of the game, and that "Flying Dragon" before it); maybe this will push him to do it.
  19. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    I have issue 19, so I'll check later today to see if my copy has it. If it does, I will update the scan.
  20. Games That Need a Sequel!

    I've seen it but haven't gotten around to playing it or Lost Sphear yet...but that's a good point that at least some of the roots are still being carried on on some level!
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