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  2. I encounter the hardest fight I’ve faced thus far, and give some commentary as to why the fight is so difficult. Filed under: Let's Play Tagged: Let's Play, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Video games
  3. This ad features 6 titles published by J-Wing on the Game Boy Color exclusively in Japan Tsuri Sensei 2 is a fishing RPG released July 23, 1999 Konchuu Hakase 2 is a bug-collecting RPG released July 23, 1999 Dungeon Savior is an RPG released August 4, 2000 Dino Breeder 3 is a monster-breeding Pokemon-style RPG released April 28, 1999 Animal Breeder 3 is an RPG released June 24, 1999 Kanji Boy is an educational/study title released June 3, 1999
  4. FF9, Majora's Mask, great stuff.
  5. Considering that game mag reviewers almost never finish the RPGs they review (at least, not before the reviews are written), they probably pulled those numbers from two locations: The upper end of 80 is probably something provided by the publisher as a typical playtime and is probably much longer than an actual typical playthrough ( lists the average playtime at 52 hours) The lower end of 12 most likely comes from the fact that in order to get the most powerful weapon in the game, you have to reach the end of the final dungeon in under 12 hours. Sort of a speed-run side quest. So again, not a typical playtime.
  6. @CHSommers Nice takedown of the stupid concept of microagressions, and great sense of humor.

  7. Time to complete Final Fantasy 9: 12-80 hours ....wat
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  9. We solve the third beacon – and accidentally use a bypass because I hit the wrong button. Filed under: Let's Play Tagged: Let's Play, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Video games
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