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    Final Issue *Merged with Puregirl to create Colorful Puregirl magazine beginning June 1999
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    Final Issue *relaunched under a new publisher as Colorful Puregirl in June 1999.
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    Final Issue *Relaunched under a new publisher as Colorful Puregirl beginning May 1999
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  23. Capitalism was perhaps the wrong word on my part. More protectionism, I would think. A truly free market would allow just that, for foreign companies to trade in your marketplace. I see it in other industries as well, but the telecom industry is well known for doing everything they can to NOT compete with other telecoms, especially in the US. Makes me wonder where the market would go if your suggestion of cutting the cord took more of a hold oop north? On the FM antenna explanation, appreciate that. I haven't thought about using a roof antenna in, well, a very long time. Not that it isn't useful for some, but I haven't had TV hooked up since I first moved out of my parents house in 2004, I think it was. Might have had it in our second apartment, but I dunno for sure, it's been a couple days haha. Weird as this might sound, I think ads are why I don't like TV. I don't mind the shows, but the ads really take me out of the experience, and not for the better. I rather enjoy modern TV, and being able to watch it uninterrupted is MUCH preferable if you're able. Frankly, if you pay for TV, why do you have to watch the ads too?
  24. It's not so much the idea of capitalism as much as Canadians are desperate for some type of competition between the cable companies because they have a monopoly over all communications and the CRTC has always been cozy with the governments. This is generally a bipartisan issue but some are so frustrated that they toss around the idea of allowing US companies a chance to compete for Canadian subscribers. This would quickly take subscribers from our current providers because of the higher value service but on the other hand this can also become a slippery slope for a sovereign country to partake in. Cutting the cord and canceling service seems to be the only thing that has an effect but many Canadian are too docile to bother complaining. As for an FM antennae, I have run coaxial cable on to the roof so it is in clear view of the transmitter or sometimes just in front of a window and got good reception. I figured you're cables ran to a vhf antennae on the roof to receive analog over the air channels. These VHF antennae are built with the same attenuation that FM radio uses so they may coexist.
  25. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hahaha those are great. I don't think I can adequately express the gratitude I have for the work that you and your team did back then. Those magazines had a huge influence on my life. If I could trouble you for one more story, do you have any around Mortal Kombat 2 or 3?
  26. Gotta love capitalism for the crap like this that happens sometimes... As far as the house goes, we're the original owners. I just wasn't clear enough on our needs when the wiring was being done. Not a huge deal, I just can't think of any reason to have coax in the house. I'll never have cable, and what's this about using it as an FM antenna? As in, radio signals? Might be nice, if the radio around here was decent... sadly that's not really the case. There's a good reason I rely on the internet for entertainment. Will cross that road when the time comes. Had no idea that anything beyond Cat6 was a thing... been a long time since I did any sort of networking.
  27. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Oh good christ do I ever have many stories One fun one I like to talk of recently actually involves Starfox 2 since that FINALLY got released via the SNES Classic thing by Nintendo. Short version: We saw the game on the show floor and we got hold of the video cables for Nintendo's main screen and spliced the game into a high-8 recorder without them knowing! Was funny too as the big screen blinked off/on quickly - thankfully alerting nobody. Then, Andy Baran (RIP) not only played that game on the show floor, but got all the way to the end and beat the game right there! We were so excited that we had the ENTIRE game recorded so we published the strategy guide (Found in EGM2, Issue 8) and were totally shocked to find out it got delayed, and then shelved. That's just a tiny story! Too many to tell! >_< Another fun fact about me: I'm the guy who did the photoshop work for a lot of the April Fools tricks. My credits go to the All-Bonds code, Akuma in RE2 (I originally pitched that to the EGM staff, but they wanted the All-Bonds code, so I put Akuma/RE2 into EGM2), the 2nd iteration of Shen Long in SF3 (Sushi-X/Ken Williams did the first one. I had only just started there... although I was the guinnea pig for it! I walked in and he showed me the screens and told me how he unlocked Shen Long. I was happy and thought the screens looked cool so I walked away and everybody started laughing! >_<) I also did the GameNOW Metal Gear Solid 2X and freelance-wise I did the LotR Cart Racer screen.
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