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  2. Computer Games issue 186 is now available over at OGM.
  3. You ever get your scanner?
  4. Be my guest! I have three or four issues that I scanned that I need to edit.
  5. Not sure if you heard of River City Underground, but I have really high hopes for it. Looks super fun
  6. I loved playing Metal Slug and the Capcom Vs. series games. Good times.
  7. Make a Blue or Green cross and problem solved! Crazy though that something like this is a thing.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Good to see that Scansnap finally getting used, but I hope Phillyman's Bane hasn't been forgotten... EDIT. Oh, wait. Looks like it got taken care of...and you didn't even say anything???!
  10. I was actually going to do this issue next. I recently have spent the last month and a half traveling and taking care of family issues. I'd be willing to edit when I have time to get back into scanning shortly.
  11. I did this to properly capture a shiny foil card page on a recent scan. I'm sure you can get some nice results. I used an LED desk light (around 6500K? Maybe, I'd have to check.) to get adequate lighting. There are plenty of panorama and stitching programs out there. Do I think a magazine in a sealed bag needs documenting? Probrably not. But it doesn't hurt right? For me a sealed bag means all the inserts will be scanned and it's a definitive copy, and the pages will be generally pristine requiring little editing barring printing issues. I have quite a few bagged issues of EGM to scan.
  12. Choo Choo.......these guys are being scanned today
  13. Same. Assassins creed is just a slog playing through.
  14. It's going to become a thing where I will edit scans when I have spare time, but I won't neglect doing other things in order to edit. I wonder if there are any sites online where you can hire Chinese people overseas for a couple of dollars to do grunt work for you. Like a click farm, but for repetitive Photoshop work.
  15. New Image: World of Warcraft 13 (variant) (January 2009)

  16. RT @Lord_Arse: "True 64-bit"

  17. Halo. Although I think it was innovative for its time, the game features the worst level design I've ever seen in an FPS game.
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