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  2. *The magazine this ad was pulled from was debound with a guillotine cutter and thus is in need of a rescan of properly debound pages.
  3. Figured I'd bump this nearly-ten-year-old topic as I have a number of French magazines I plan on scanning but will need database entries for them. Thankfully the site listed in the OP already has complete or nearly complete databases for all of them (I imagine that likely wasn't the case ten years ago). And for two magazines that aren't complete I've managed to fill in about 99% of the gaps in regards to release dates (a harder task than you might think - French magazine dates can be weird sometimes). Consoles News May 1996 - ? (at least 69 issues) The least complete entry, but I do know there are at least 69 issues. (Kinda forgot about this one until I went to make this post, so I haven't done any research yet beyond the latest issue number I could find). Game Play 64 August/September 1997 - December/January 2000 (20 issues) Complete. Will also need a section for specials (Hors-série). Game Play 128 November/December 2001 - February/March 2005 (25 issues) Mostly complete. Issue 20 was the only issue I couldn't find a definitive date for, but that just means I don't know if the issue is labeled as March/April or March/May. For example 21 is May/July and 22 is July/September; still bimonthly AFAIK, but a month is skipped on the cover for some reason. (I actually don't have any of these yet but I plan on buying some in the future.) Gameplay RPG April 2000 - July/August 2006 (64 issues) Mostly complete. The issue numbers listed here are messed up due to using either the actual issue number or the number listed on the cover. Long story short the numbering continues on from Game Play 64, beginning from issue 21 and ending with issue 84 (Wikipedia says 85 but that appears to be wrong), apparently to save on costs according to this forum thread. I've managed to find the dates for all issues, mostly thanks to eBay listings. I'll also note there was a relaunch of this magazine that ran for 16 issues from November 2006 to September/October 2008. The covers of those can be viewed here. PC Soluces February/March 1996 - at least March 2000 (35 or more issues) Mostly complete. Player One September 1990 - January 2000 (104 issues) Complete. Ultra Player March/April 1995 - January/February 1997 (12 issues) Complete. Sequel to Nintendo Player (also complete), with the numbering continuing on from that magazine.
  4. Retromags Presents! GamePro Issue 139 (April 2000) and GamePro Issue 141 (June 2000) GamePro Issue 139 (April 2000) GamePro Issue 141 (June 2000) Database Record Database Record Download Directly! Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day Edited By: E-Day Uploaded By: E-Day Donated By: Phillyman Follow us on...
  5. Retromags Presents! play Issue 71 (November 2007) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: TheRedEye    Edited By: MigJmz    Follow us on...                         
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    play Issue 71 (November 2007)
  7. Adults Only? Well how much could there - Oh. I see.
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  9. Retromags Presents! Burnout Revenge - Prima Official Game Guide (2005) [PS2, XBOX] Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: dablais    Edited By: dablais    Uploaded By: dablais    Donated By: NintendoPower91 Follow us on...                         
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    Burnout Revenge - Prima Official Game Guide (2005) Platforms: Playstation 2 and XBOX
  11. I always wanted to have copies of our scans in PDF format because having searchable text would make finding things much easier than manually looking through CBZ files of JPEGs. Thankfully the Video Game History Foundation is working on something like this. We don't have the manpower or money to pull off a searchable database like they do. And doing OCR on scanned images after the fact only works on pages with dark text and light backgrounds. It doesn't seem to work the other way around.
  12. I can't speak for any site, but CBZ/CBR is basically a ZIP file with a weird file extension. You can create it without any additional programs, assuming you have a relatively recent operating system that has some "zipping features" in it. It also works in reverse, you can use those files as if they are just ordinary ZIP files. You can extract images from them, and browse them with an image browser, if that's the most convenient way for you to read them. With PDFs all that would be much more difficult. Of course, PDFs do have certain advantages that CBZ/CBR files don't have. Especially PDFs with OCR'd text are extremely useful. Back when Starlog Magazines were still available on Archive.org, that was actually my favourite file format. You can read articles from the magazine, and if you see something quotable, just select the part you want and copy-paste it. But as nice as that is, CBZ/CBR format offers more possibilities for custom-made reading. For instance, if you want to create a special magazine of your own, let's say you want to have all contents pages of some magazine in the same place, you can simply copy those scanned pages and make a new file that has only those pages. It's not impossible to do the same with PDFs, but again, more difficult.
  13. Retromags Presents! Famitsu Issue 0106 (August 3, 1990) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi    Edited By: kitsunebi    Uploaded By: kitsunebi    Donated By: ccovell Follow us on...                         
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    As seen on the cover, Necky the Fox is so horny for the upcoming release of the Super Famicom he's done something downright desperate. Let's hope no one was hurt. Meanwhile, the editors of Famitsu are so horny for anything that moves that they used the flimsy excuse of having a chick pose like the underwater enemies in Super Darius just so they could print some pics of her in a swimsuit. Somebody get these guys a Pulitzer.
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