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  2. GamePro Issue 184 (November 2004)

    Thank you, one more for the collection
  3. Prince of Persia (2008)

  4. Trailer for the Super Famicom Classic Mini. First shows the games, then shows some of the system features.
  5. Dengeki PlayStation Issue 071 (April 10, 1998)!!!!
  6. New Image: XBOX The Official Magazine Issue 154 September 2017

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  8. GamePro Issue 184 (November 2004)

    Thanks Phillyman and Melki. Going to read this after work today
  9. @GoddessVienna Hope that does the trick, have fun!

  10. Retromags Presents! Dengeki PlayStation Issue 71 April 10, 1998 Database Entry Download Here!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Lotsa good stuff this issue. The main features: Parasite Eve (25 pages and a poster!) Resident Evil 2 (18 pages) Tekken 3 (10 pages) Xenogears (8 pages) Bushido Blade 2 (6 pages) Final Fantasy V (6 pages) By the way, the fold-out poster I stitched together looks pretty great. If anyone is interested in having a full-size copy (much bigger than the one included in this file), I uploaded it here:!EBxjzCpS!Yv2RRJsutCUNNUuPDZxjs8-MBHFzbfOzmRO0JX6KfnE It's full 600dpi at 6026x9100px and could be printed out as an actual poster by a printing service if you were so inclined.
  12. Shadow Tower (Japan)

    Shadow Tower is a first-person RPG developed and published by From Software Released (JP): June 25, 1998
  13. Rebus (Japan)

    Rebus is a tactical RPG for the PlayStation developed and published by Atlus. Released (JP): March 26, 1998
  14. Gekisou! Grand Racing (Japan)

    Gekisou! Grand Racing is a racing game for the PlayStation developed by Eutechnyx and published by Atlus. It was released in the USA as Car & Driver Presents - Grand Tour Racing '98 and in Europe as Total Drivin'. Released (JP): April 23, 1998
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