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  2. The Better ADF scanner

    My favourite spec is that it can hold 200 pages. And when they say 200 pages, they probably mean 200 pages of proper paper, which means it can hold more magazine pages. The ones I found on eBay seem to all be missing a tray/duplexer. I wouldn't think something like that would be easy to misplace.
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  9. Luigi and my regard of him

    I would have never been able to sit through more than 30 seconds of the original cartoon, but the smorgasbord of creativity on display there made a terrible cartoon into something I thoroughly enjoyed. The sheer variety of art styles was a welcome breath of fresh air, living as I am in a country where there are pretty much only 5 art styles ever employed (generic anime for young children, generic anime for boys, generic anime for girls, generic anime for men, generic anime for women)
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  22. The Better ADF scanner

    I couldn’t recommend any scanner that doesn’t do native A3 scanning any more as most magazines I scan are bigger than A4. Additionally, A4 scanners don’t allow enough space around the edges of a scan if you need it. If you have a Fujitsu dealer/support company locally, ask them how much to service a fi-5650c and if it is reasonable I’d buy one off eBay for cheap. They do a good job with neon covers, are fast, and do duplex scanning. Being A3 they are great for processing raw scans
  23. Luigi and my regard of him

    I'll just leave this here: -I didn't know about the diary thing from Super Paper Mario, that's pretty funny.
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  25. RT @longie_long: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Doki Doki Panic JPN Commercial

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