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  2. This cover is an homage to The Savage She-Hulk #1
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  4. This cover is an homage to Shanna the She Devil #1
  5. This cover is an homage to Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Issue #1
  6. This cover is an homage to Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #93
  7. @aaroncarter free L samples here

  8. RT @OKeijiDragon: Premiering in 24 minutes:

    V-Jump Festival '96 [VHS / October 9, 1996]

  9. @ShinPepi @forestillusion People who do this sort of thing want to be reimbursed for their time and money obtaining…

  10. RT @forestillusion: Thank you very much to everyone who has donated. We have reached the goal and the game will be released ASAP 😁

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  12. That's interesting, since when he wrote that, he was using a WordPerfect font (or so I'm told), for which each alphanumeric key represented a kana character. He just typed his name via the alphabetic keys, and so his name, Patrick Lee, being 10 letters long, resulted in a Japanese nonsense name which was 10 characters long. Unfortunately, I can't find a WordPerfect Japanese font layout online, but it definitely differs entirely from an actual Japanese keyboard layout (which I can confirm because I'm typing on one). So I can't confirm if a direct letter-to-kana input would reveal what was written. And anyway, it would be an odd keyboard layout indeed that included keys for either "wi" or "we," both of which were used on the Dreamcast mag cover, since they went out of use 75 years ago. So it seems unlikely that the Dreamcast cover was the result of someone trying to type a 5 letter word by typing the word in English while a katakana font was active. I'm still inclined to believe that the cover designer was just an idiot, but I would be extremely interested to unravel the mystery of how they came to type those particular characters (no matter how dumb I believe they were, I can't accept that they simply mashed some random keys).
  13. RT @forestillusion: We have an incredibly rare chance to release the unreleased SNES game, Cooly Skunk, which was recently discovered resid…

  14. RT @HypeVoiceActing: @ClementJ64 I don't care if it's a sequel to Legends 2 or Tron Bonne, or even an "N.Sane/Reignited" styled remake of t…

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