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  2. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 316

    alternate covers:
  3. kitsunebi77

    Edge 316 (March 2018) (cover 3)

  4. kitsunebi77

    Edge 316 (March 2018) (cover 2)

  5. kitsunebi77

    Edge 316 (March 2018) (cover 1)

  6. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 315

  7. kitsunebi77

    Edge 315 (February 2018)

  8. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    OK, then here's a question. What's the cutoff on strategy guides? Unless I'm mistaken, our FAQ doesn't mention them at all, even though we have strategy guides available for download.
  9. Good stuff, cant wait to read more of these old EGM mags
  10. Phillyman

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Been a long week, sorry for the slow reply I only care about blatant skirting of the cutoff and/or Gamefan/Game Informer ban. So again that means ..... "Hey, you guys can go grab this months issue of Game Informer from this link" or "Hey guys here is the entire 2016 year of Retro Gamer magazine that I found on some torrent" Now again I have no control what you put on another site, which means stuff we don't allow here. But again, if someone follows your link for some old Atari Explorer issue that you put up at Archive......and they come across Magazines that you uploaded, whether they are your creations or no concern to me. Just like if they follow your link to Archive and come across GameCube ISOs. Now where it really gets messy is when I get a MarkTrade situation where someone is coming to Retromags to ask our members to fund their actions on outside websites. But ask me about that on another day
  11. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    As I understand it, even though they aren't hosted at Retromags, you would be allowed to post about those files since you were the scanner. However, I would not be allowed to post about those same files or mention the deplorable and unscrupulous website that hosts them because I was not the scanner. So to avoid stepping on any toes, we should only use the forums to talk about ourselves and the things we've personally done. Which is mostly what I do anyway, or has no one noticed how I use this thread for pretty much everything I post rather than start new topics that don't have my name in the title?
  12. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Not sure if you meant to say GamePro, but we've had posts directing people to where they can find banned magazine GameFan. And Nintendo themselves forced to remove their copies (of our scans) of Nintendo Power. Obviously, they don't approve of them being shared. But since we escaped their notice, their expressed wishes don't matter, right? (Or maybe I should believe that Nintendo only disapproves of our scans being shared at, but is in total support of us hosting them here?) And you can buy a dimebag off of Leroy down on the corner of 9th and Lincoln, but don't tell the police I said that, because I'm pretty sure I could be arrested just for knowing it.
  13. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    I've bookmarked your page and am eagerly waiting to see what unmentionable goodies appear there Seriously though, it kind of defeats the purpose of a forum on a magazine piracy site to not be able to detail what else might be available on other websites. We've already had posts about GamePro being available elsewhere on this site already and now Phillyman wants to bolt the gate? Then there is the fact that touts itself as affiliated with the Library of Congress so the implication is that whatever goes up there and isn't taken down is somehow protected/able to be made available. That would mean that pointing someone to that site isn't illegal therefore it should be fine to advertise it here? What it does mean is that I will no longer update my W.I.P page with releases over at my website as these files are not part of Retromags. I had been putting details up because the donator was a Retromags member but as they are made available elsewhere by default I've been breaking this "new" rule/directive. See how stupid this all sounds?
  14. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 314

    Final Fantasy I - XV cover Gallery:
  15. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 15)

  16. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 14)

  17. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 13)

  18. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 12)

  19. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 11)

  20. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 10)

  21. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 09)

  22. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 08)

  23. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 07)

  24. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 06)

  25. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 05)

  26. kitsunebi77

    Edge 314 (January 2018) (cover 04)

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