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  3. Retromags Presents! Tips & Tricks Issue 074 (April 2001) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Phillyman    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Tips & Tricks Issue 074 (April 2001)
  5. RT @smarxist_: Whatever Twitter’s intentions were, this is what it has become

  6. RT @transfrankcstle: how come everything comes down to the “”snowflake generation”” like i’m sorry trans people exist in public and you can…

  7. RT @Kosmicd12: Excuse me?!? @YouTube you think EMI Music owns the rights to Super Mario Bros. music?

  8. I posted some pictures of the PSP issue on the listing now. The first one had a bit of a shadow effect from camera, the second one is more how it looks like. Not too easy taking pictures of the water wear. Also uploaded now: Playstation The Official Magazine Premiere Issue: Nintendo Power Advance Issues 1 and 2: PSM Magazine PS3 Launch Special Issue 117: Xbox Nation Issues 7-9; 16: GameNOW issues 18-19; 24-27 (27 is final issue): Official US Playstation Magazine Final Issue (Issue 112): There are some rare specials on my ebay storefront as well, including the final issue of Nintendo Power and rare 40+ poster supplement if anyone is interested. This concludes the listings I'll be posting for May. These were the easier issues to post. Next month after June 3 I'll begin with the larger lots of Tips & Tricks, Tips & Tricks Code Vault, Gamepro, Gamepro Code Vault, Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official Xbox Magazine, and some other minor small lots such as PC Gamer and Gamer.
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  10. RT @MLeeLunsford: Time travel friends #ChronoTrigger

  11. RT @Daley_Kong: I find it really cool that Rare essentially relegated Donkey Kong to damsel in distress in DKC2. Like, the balls it must ha…

  12. @Silvercube yeah if you can just post a photo of that psp issue, i'd like @E-Day to see if it looks like it will still feed through a scanner. Thanks!
  13. RT @indigorush101: Evidence suggests that Froggy was alive for years before Adventure

    The little dude lived as long as he could to keep hi…


  15. RT @OKeijiDragon: Here's a sample of what I have lined up in these boxes.

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