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  2. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0225 (April 9, 1993)

  3. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0224 (April 2, 1993)

  4. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0223 (March 26, 1993)

  5. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0222 (March 19, 1993)

  6. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0221 (March 12, 1993)

  7. Ethereal Dragonz

    EtherealDragonz upload thread - Update 9/18 Xbox Nation August 2004

    Update 9/18 - Added Xbox Nation August 2004 Nothing special this time, just needed to make some room on my shelf. I have a few Xbox Nation magazines to upload. I have a few interesting items coming in. Two Tech-Gian issues and The Super Famicom #1. I'll take my time scanning the Super Famicom issue.
  8. Last week
  9. retroretro

    "PC Gamer" UK edition, issue 73, September 1999.

    yeah ok, sorry, this thread is for requests. ill talk to him in pm.
  10. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu 0220 (March 5, 1993)

  11. KiwiArcader

    "PC Gamer" UK edition, issue 73, September 1999.

    Yeah, I'm way too busy scanning mags and content for my website to spend large chunks of my time over here nowadays. Feel free to PM me but I'm not going to be reading them on a daily basis, or even weekly truth be told.
  12. kitsunebi77

    "PC Gamer" UK edition, issue 73, September 1999.

    I'm tempted to delete that last post, but since Philly approved it, I guess I shouldn't. So let's all just play a game and pretend that this thread has been locked. All information on where and how to acquire the issue in question has already been posted here, so there is no need to discuss it further in our forums. Any further begging or complaining should be directed via PM to KiwiArcader's trashbin full of similar messages. Thank you.
  13. retroretro

    "PC Gamer" UK edition, issue 73, September 1999.

    Can you please send me that issue via e-mail? I don't have anything to contribute to your website and i cant make payment (technical issues), but that issue really means to me. So if you would be kind to download it from your own website and forward it to me, that would be really great! Or if you can upload it here so anyone can see it, as you wish! ^^ Thanks again an advance!
  14. KiwiArcader

    "PC Gamer" UK edition, issue 73, September 1999.

    Kiwis.World or you can get to it via the old name OldGameMags
  15. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu Issue 1554

  16. kitsunebi77

    Famitsu Issue 1553

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