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  • Retromags Cryptocurrency Donation Page

    Below you will find our Cryptocurrency donation links. Donations are not required, but are always appreciated to help offset the costs of this project. These donations do not automatically tie into our payment gateway, so if you donate this way please let us know prior so we can move your account to a Patron account afterwards. For those that want their donations to be 100% anonymous, we recommend these wallets below. We accept many other coins not listed on this page, if you download Coinbase Wallet and search for @Retromags you will be able to send to those if you like.


    The links below will bring up QR codes for mobile donations

  • ada.png  Donate Cardano (ADA) to Retromags! - DdzFFzCqrht2wGG5unDRRzAqGiEz7Qx3Ct2gUVjrhyyXZYGHp8VmBfT9mjRKuWrJmk93UPyAzJA4MiekyNUczHDXPPmdugNCRHRLhVYE



    algo.png  Donate Algorand (ALGO) to Retromags! - RH4NQE5LCRWOATSA3P7IWDRQ5G45DH2VU3YD7EY66VPAGY32MPWLIJW4BU



    bch.png  Donate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Retromags! - 1vHnB7epr4oyAJgEg6xHPWJZLBWMR91e7



    btc.png  Donate Bitcoin (BTC) to Retromags! - 1vHnB7epr4oyAJgEg6xHPWJZLBWMR91e7



    comp.png  Donate Compound (COMP) to Retromags! - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    dash.png  Donate Dash (DASH) to Retromags! - XwZv9TwuNY6XSiVgpmpZ72oSumWheWzDzH



    doge.png  Donate Dogecoin (DOGE) to Retromags! - DTBXsQxbbTPGVfuujXEbxiZWXUWmvPhXsB



    etc.png  Donate Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Retromags! - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    eth.png  Donate Ethereum (ETH) to Retromags!  - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    link.png  Donate Chainlink (LINK) to Retromags! - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    ltc.png  Donate Litecoin (LTC) to Retromags! - LhzV3hU6jRBmZBPqi9LWuyfMNL8zwUTKao



    mkr.png  Donate Maker (MKR) to Retromags! - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    usdt.png  Donate Tether (USDT) to Retromags! - 0x5aAB7590EBe0C6DF3Ee3de8880F89B6ADAb56f01



    xlm.png  Donate Stellar Lumens (XLM) to Retromags!  - GBUTD5DNV43JBJP7AA657H2CYPUCAAFBXCKX7QE4XXGYIYFZZX2EKKVF - Memo = 1030706490





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