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Computer Fun!

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  1. Computer Fun Vol. 1 No. 1 (April 1984)

    Release Date:  April 29th 2009
    Release Size:  109 MB
    Release Format:  CBR  (Comic Book Reader)
    Publisher's Link:  Discontinued
    Publication Date:  April 1984
    The Electronic Paintbrush
    Have Your Machine Call My Machine
    Gnusto Ozmoo
    Gamemakers: You Are Now Getting Sleepy
    Databaseline Service
    Hands On: All On Boards
    Ultima II (Apple, Atari, IBM)
    Pogo Joe (C64)
    Pressure Cooker (VCS)
    Planetfall (Atari, Apple, C64, IBM)
    Lock 'n' Chase (Apple, IBM)
    Crypt of Medea (Apple)
    Congo Bongo (VCS, 5200)
    Bouncing Kamungas (Apple)
    Frenzy (Colecovision)
    Rainbow Walker (Atari)
    BC's Quest for Tires (Colecovision, Atari)
    Pooyan (Atari)
    Encounter (Atari)
    Fortress of the Witch King (Apple)
    Super Bunny (Apple)
    The Power of HeMan (VCS, INTV, Colecovision)
    Panzer-Jagd (Atari)
    Zeppelin (Atari)
    Survivor (Atari)
    Zombies (Atari)




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