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Family Computer Magazine

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Family Computer Magazine (commonly referred to as Famimaga) was published by Tokuma Shoten beginning in July 1985, pre-dating the launch of Famitsu by a year and making it the first magazine in the world to focus exclusively on the Famicom. It was modeled after its predecessor, Beep, and like that magazine featured text printed vertically in the right-to-left Japanese style. Its last issue was published in May 1998.

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  1. Family Computer Magazine Issue 056 (May 6, 1988)

    Family Computer Magazine is (unlike most other Japanese magazines) printed in Japanese right-to-left format.  For those unaware, that means that the front cover is where the back cover is on a Western magazine, and thus the spine is on the right side.  Once opened, the pages are read beginning with the page on the right and moving across to the left page.  When using a CBR reader to read a single page at a time, this won't cause too many problems, but if you put the reader into two-page mode, the left and right facing pages will be in the wrong order.  Thus, it is strongly suggested that when reading this magazine, you set your CBR reader to it's Japanese mode (almost all CBR readers have one for reading manga), which will automatically display the pages in the correct order.
    For anyone unfamiliar with this mag - it was the first Famicom/NES magazine in the world, predating Famitsu by a year.  And although Famitsu would ultimately end up out-lasting Family Computer Magazine by expanding their coverage to all consoles, from a collector's viewpoint, issues of Famimaga (as it is usually referred to) seem to typically be more desireable/valuable than Famitsu issues of similar vintage.
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