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Dengeki Playstation Vol.094 (January 14 1999)

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Well, I had intended on releasing these in the order I scanned them, but the first issue I scanned is on hold while the cut-off dates in the database wait to be fixed. So for now you get an issue from a couple years earlier - in this case the start of 1999 with the first of what promises to be many Gundam covers. :)

As this is the first issue of D.P. to be put up, I'll say that my general impression is that in contrast to most English magazines, it devotes a large chunk of its coverage to in-depth strategy sections, as opposed to short previews of upcoming games (though of course it has those too.) There is an insane amount of information in these issues and were anyone inclined to actually read every word from cover to cover, it would probably take twice as long as an American mag of the same length.

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Jeezus, these would be a god-send for people trying to write up walkthroughs for some of the games they cover. The one for 'Kuon no Kizuna' has a full-blown set of flowcharts explaining the end results of every decision you need to make!

OK, yeah, I'm officially in love with this magazine now. :)


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