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Tech Gian Issue 011 (September 1997)

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About This File

Adult content: covers adult games for the PC and consoles.

Please note that the demo CD-ROM included between pages 2 and 5 is counted as pages 3 and 4 in the issue's pagination.

I have uploaded the CD-ROM to the Internet Archive here: https://archive.org/details/TechGian1997Sep
This CD-ROM is designed to work in a 16-bit Windows environment, so it will not run on 64-bit versions of Windows unless emulating a 16-bit operating system.

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention: While the rest of the mag is presented western style, the comic in the back is presented Japanese style, meaning it should be read from back to front, right to left. This means that the firs page of the comic is the last interior page of the magazine. Since no one is going to be reading their cbr file backwards, I rearranged the pages in the correct order (the panels should still be read from right to left, of course.) So don't be confused by the printed page numbers that seem to be going backwards.

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Ahhh...now this is what I call 'inspiration to work on my Japanese skills'. :)

Sugoi ne! :)


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Wonderful. I love looking at and studying older material for inspiration and understanding.

Though this is Hentai, the passion behind the lines and intricacies of the art style is inspiring still in modern times.

Thank you very much to Kitsunebi77 for uploading.

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