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Tomb Raider Hint Book

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About This File

A short, fifteen-page guide to the original Tomb Raider which gives a run-down of Lara's moves, the traps she can encounter, and the locations of the extra weapons she can acquire. I'm not entirely sure where this came from. It may have been a freebie that came with the purchase of Tomb Raider Gold on the PC, it may have been included with a magazine...I just don't know. It's nothing special, but now all of you can enjoy it too! :)

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I found an online reference to this same hint book at tombraiderforums.com (where someone had posted scans of the pages on photobucket.) 


I found this hint book when I was checking some of the boxes of Tomb Raider games that I purchased from ebay. This one was in a TR "Game of the Year" Gold box, but I don't know if it was included when it was originally purchased or if the person threw it in there when they sold me the game. It was not in the 3 other boxes of the same game that I bought. I scanned the whole thing if anyone is interested.

So it might have come with Tomb Raider Gold.  Or it might not have :lol:

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I'm 90% certain it came with Tomb Raider Gold, as kind of an incentive to buy the strategy guide.

6 hours ago, sqwirral said:

Well now I'm interested in why he bought 4 boxed copies of the same game.

He had a fever. And the only cure was more Tomb Raider. It's a condition to which I can relate. ;)


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