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Game Players Nintendo Guide Vol.4 No.13 (Holiday 1991) 2.0.0

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About This File

This is a re-scan to replace the previous release of this issue.  The previous release of this issue was the first mag I ever scanned, and it was done using a crappy all-in-one printer/fax/scanner.  I was never happy with the results and finally decided I had to rescan it with my Scansnap to present it at the same high level of quality as the rest of my scans.  This release is a big improvement upon the previous one, and I encourage anyone who downloaded it previously to replace it with this version.

Please be aware that this issue features several page joins, including a very wide 4-page-join, which some CBR readers do not display well, causing the image to appear to be low-res and blocky.  This is a fault of the CBR reader not displaying extra-wide images correctly, and not the fault of the image file, but regardless, the individual pages that make up each join are also included here and will display correctly on all CBR readers.

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