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Dengeki PlayStation Vol.071 (April 10, 1998)

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About This File

このスキャンは皆のために作ったので、ぜひダウンロードして、友達に伝いて、楽しんでください!もしほかのところでこのスキャンを分け合ったら、「このファイルはRetromagsからで、そこで誰でもでタダでダウンロードすることできる」と伝いて下さい。雑誌電子化は皆のために。よろしくお願いします! *

*This scan was made for everyone, so please download it, share it with your friends and enjoy! If you share this scan elsewhere, please say that the file is from Retromags, where anyone can download it for free. Magazine preservation is for everyone. Thank you!

Lotsa good stuff this issue.  The main features:

  • Parasite Eve (25 pages and a poster!)
  • Resident Evil 2 (18 pages)
  • Tekken 3 (10 pages)
  • Xenogears (8 pages)
  • Bushido Blade 2 (6 pages)
  • Final Fantasy V (6 pages)

By the way, the fold-out poster I stitched together looks pretty great.  If anyone is interested in having a full-size copy (much bigger than the one included in this file), I uploaded it here: https://mega.nz/#!EBxjzCpS!Yv2RRJsutCUNNUuPDZxjs8-MBHFzbfOzmRO0JX6KfnE

It's full 600dpi at 6026x9100px and could be printed out as an actual poster by a printing service if you were so inclined.

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