Super Gaming - Issue 1 Summer 1991 1.0.0

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About This File

Import Systems Coverage

  • Sega Mega Drive
  • Mega CD
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Nintendo Famicom
  • Nintendo Super Famicom
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • NEC PC-Engine
  • NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM
  • NEC PC-Engine Super CD-ROM
  • NEC Supergrafx


Power Surge - Video Games Go International In Super Gaming Magazine (editorial)

Super Famicom Buyers Guide

  • Actraiser
  • Bombuzal
  • Final Fight
  • F-Zero
  • Gradius III
  • Hole In One
  • Pilotwings
  • Populous
  • Super Deformer
  • Super Mario World

Super Spreads

  • Midnight Resistance (MD)
  • Gradius III (SF)
  • Actraiser (SF)
  • F-Zero (SF)
  • Super R-Type (SF)
  • Dangerous Seed (MD)
  • Wonder Boy (MD)
  • Star Cruiser (MD)
  • Magical Hats (MD)
  • Twin Cobra (MD)
  • Murder Club starring J.B. Harold (PCE-CD)

Super Previews

  • Super Professional Baseball (SF)
  • Pro Soccer (SF)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 (SF)
  • Devil Hunter Yoko (MD)
  • Battle Golf (MD)
  • Chase H.Q. (GG)
  • Shining & Darkness (MD)
  • Road Spirits (PCE)


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Thanks for the scan!

It's interesting how incredibly short this magazine is.  It's from the same people doing EGM, but while the Aug.1991 issue of EGM is 132 pages for $3.95, this mag is only 32 pages for $2.95?  32 pages seems more like a free insert than a full magazine.  If you don't count the ads, it's only 22 pages long.  Weird.

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    • By VGScrapbook
      Hi everybody, when the SNES Classic was released, I decided to compile all of the content that was covered in Nintendo Power for each game (including the comics). Before I knew it, I was spending quite a few hours looking through every issue, referencing various indexes, cropping pages to fit better with one another, etc. I've already spent way more time on this project than I wanted. If anybody wants to do whatever would be needed to make these suitable for distribution on Retromags itself, feel free to edit and redistribute:
      Also, I'd appreciate a quick thanks if anybody likes my efforts since part of me wonders if I wasted my time. For example, I also included a 100 page document focused on Super Mario 64 in anticipation of Super Mario Odyssey. I think it's really neat to be able to see all of the beta images of a game, the maps, strategies, codes, arena scores, ads, etc. all in one place without having to seek multiple magazines to see it all. Some of these compilations even act as the closest thing to an official Nintendo Player's Guide for the games that never had one (such as Super Punch-Out!!). Another highlight of course are the comics, some of which I couldn't find a full CBZ version anywhere else. Enjoy!
    • By NurCat
      Hi all,
      This is totally a long-shot - in the late 90s or early 2000s, there was an issue of EGM that, somewhere inside it, had an image of a Moogle wearing a Phish shirt. It was supposed to be a "stoner-moogle" joke or something; I forget the context. I loved Final Fantasy and Phish, so high-school me cut it out and hung it on my wall, but it's long gone. I've been searching online for this image or pouring through whatever old EGMs I can find, but I just can't find this image anywhere anymore. It was pretty small, like 6 inches maybe, as part of a bigger layout on a page.
      What are the chances someone knows what I'm talking about, and what issue it was in so I can find it again? Thanks so much!
      - Nur
    • By CastleVanity
      What happen to the EGM page? Did it error or did the owners do a Cease and Desist? 0_0
    • By KiwiArcader
      Donated by OGM. Converted from pdf to cbr and resized to 2200 constant pixel height.
    • By Sean697
      Constant 2200 pixel height scan.
      600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.