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Mega Play Vol.3 No.5 (October 1992)

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About This File

Systems Coverage:

  • Sega Genesis¬†(along with many Mega Drive previews)
  • Sega CD¬†(primarily in the form of Mega CD hardware and software previews)
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Sega Master System


Press Start: Sega Grows Stronger!! (editorial)

Mega Mail: (letters column)

Hi-Tech Sega:

  • Mega Drive Carts Wont Work In Genesis!
  • Capcom To Start Making Mega-CD Discs
  • Final Fight...Mega-CD vs. Cart

Mega Tricks:

  • Taz¬†Mania¬†(Genesis)
  • David Robinson's Supreme Court¬†(Genesis)
  • Devilish¬†(Genesis)
  • Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge¬†(Genesis)
  • Desert Strike¬†(Genesis)
  • Krusty's Super Funhouse¬†(Genesis)
  • Splatterhouse 2¬†(Genesis)
  • Steel Empire¬†(Genesis)¬†
  • Shadow of the Beast¬†(Genesis)
  • Two Crude Dudes¬†(Genesis)

Coming Attractions: 

  • Phantasy Star IV (Genesis)
  • Phantasy Star Gaiden¬†(Game Gear)
  • Out of This World 2 (Mega Drive)
  • Land Stalker - The Emporer's Treasure (Mega Drive)
  • Deadly Moves¬†(Genesis)
  • Gley Lancer (Mega Drive)
  • Faceball 2000 (Game Gear)
  • Junker's High (Mega Drive)
  • G-Loc¬†(Genesis)
  • Mega lo Mania¬†(Genesis)
  • Metal Fangs¬†(Genesis)
  • Monopoly¬†(Genesis)
  • Clue¬†(Genesis)

Mega Files:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)
  • Cobra Command (Sega CD)
  • Greendog (Genesis)
  • ExMutants¬†(Genesis)
  • Uncharted Waters¬†(Genesis)
  • Batman Returns¬†(Genesis)
  • Predator 2¬†(Genesis)
  • NHLPA Hockey '93¬†(Genesis)
  • Super Monaco GP II¬†(Genesis)
  • Chuck Rock (Game Gear)
  • Batman Returns (Game Gear)
  • Thunder Force IV (Genesis)

Mega Reviews:

  • Greendog (Genesis)
  • Global Gladiators (Genesis)
  • Super Monaco GP II (Genesis)
  • Alisia Dragoon (Genesis)
  • Cadash (Genesis)
  • Slime World (Genesis)
  • Team USA Basketball (Genesis)
  • NHLPA '93 (Genesis)
  • RBI IV (Genesis)
  • Sports Talk Baseball¬†(Genesis)
  • David Robinson's Supreme Court (Genesis)
  • World Trophy Soccer (Genesis)
  • Jennifer Capriati Tennis (Genesis)
  • Batman Returns (Game Gear)
  • The Terminator (Game Gear)
  • Chuck Rock (Game Gear)
  • Wimbledon Tennis (Game Gear)
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On 6/27/2019 at 6:20 AM, Stahn said:

Please fix the title:

Mega Play Vol.3 No.5 (October 1992)

Sorry..what did I have written?

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