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PSX-Pro Issue 08 (July 1996) 1.0.0

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This issue has the singularly hellish distinction of being comprised of almost nothing BUT two-page spreads.  Seriously, about the only pages that aren't spreads are a couple of the advertisements.  That said, I've kept the entire mag as single pages this time, since there isn't anything vital that will be disrupted by viewing the pages separately.  Nevertheless, you may want to switch to two-page viewing mode from time to time to get a better sense of how the mag was printed (on my reader of choice, CDisplay, you can switch between two-page and single page viewing by hitting CTRL-t and CTRL-s, respectively).

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Excellent scan as always, Kitsu-san. :)

Had a grand laugh at the fact the reviewer (who has been hogging the game for days, according to another editor) cocks up his review of Resident Evil on page 8 by saying the player picks between Jill and Barry. There's a screen grab of the player select menu on page 11, and while it's highlighting Jill's name, you can clearly see that's Chris Redfield's ID card behind hers. How much time did you spend on this game, Andy? :)

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Oh, and thanks for reminding me - the MicroProse supplement mentioned on the cover was not included with the copy I was provided.

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