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Dengeki PlayStation Vol.092 (December 25, 1998) 1.0.0

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About This File

Merry Christmas!  (well, that's the cover date, anyway.)

As always with Dengeki P, lots of RPG and giant robot coverage (I mean, this IS Japan, after all.)  All in all, 264 pages of PlayStation goodness.  I've eschewed including stitched-together two-page joins this time, but when viewed in two-page mode, those pages (ads, mostly) should look seamless, since they were joined together during the editing process, edited as a single pic, and then separated again.

Sometimes these Japanese mags are just ornery:  The files within the cbr are numbered correctly, but you'll notice that the page numbers don't always match what's printed on the page.  That's because there were lots of strange instances of unnumbered pages.  For example, there was a multi-page advertising section where the first and last pages of the ad were given page numbers, but the middle 4 pages, which were printed like a fold-out poster, went unnumbered.  Another advertising section was printed on a series of pages of differing widths.  Only the full-sized pages were given numbers, while the narrower pages all went unnumbered.  Craziness!!  Thanks to the fold-out section, I actually had to swap one page's location in order to ensure that further pages would be paired with the correct facing page when viewing in two-page mode (don't worry, you'll never even know which one).

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