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NG Namco Community Magazine Issue 16 (February 1988)

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About This File

NG Namco Community Magazine Issue 16 (February 1988)

NG (エヌジー) is a newsletter magazine published by Namco in Japan and distributed freely in Namco game centers. The magazine was distributed quarterly in 14 issues between 1983-1986 and monthly in 52 issues between 1986-1993.

Read in Japanese mode in your comic book reader!

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The corrected file is currently uploaded.

If you have the 210 MB file, you may want to download the new copy, which is only 37.4 MB and looks the same.

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Corrected? What was corrected? I kept the resolution big because its text  heavy and make it easier to read. I could of easily lowered the res to make the file smaller but chose not to. In the future please ask me before making changes .

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Sorry, not corrected, per se, but resized.  It's been discussed with Phillyman.  A height of 5000 px isn't allowed here.  I resized it to 3200 which is about 300 ppi.

Also, it was saved at quality level 12, which actually increases filesize without adding to quality.  Never save above 9.

These are Phillyman's directives.  Just making sure they're followed.

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why does it matter if its a small file? Also its very pixly-blocky around the text on yours but if thats what we want to do then fine.

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It matters because the rule is in place to prevent unnecessarily large files from being uploaded, regardless of their individual size.  Just like our Gallery.

One Gallery image at 600ppi might only be 10 MB.  Not so big.  But still unnecessarily huge, and those things add up. 

Our official rules still state "2200 px high" but as you know, I've been pushing to allow for 300 ppi uploads.  But a 300ppi A4 magazine will only be around 3000-3200 px high.

It has been discussed and Phillyman has explicitly stated that 600ppi scans are not allowed to be uploaded here.  And he's the one who has to pay for the storage and servers.  If he posts something indicating that 5000px uploads are allowed, then of course that would be fine, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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1 hour ago, MigJmz said:

Also its very pixly-blocky around the text on yours but if thats what we want to do then fine.

LOL what are you talking about?  Do you mean if you zoom in 1000% to look at the individual pixels? 😉  It's not "my version," and it wasn't sabotaged in any way, it's simply the file you uploaded dropped down to around 300ppi, which is as large as any magazine file needs to be (and, I might add, still larger than 95% of the files currently available at Retromags).

Anything at any size will look pixelly if you zoom in far enough...because the image is literally composed entirely of square pixels.  But we don't have any reason to care about that.  What we're concerned with is the quality of the file as pertains to reading.  At any zoom level where pixels can be seen, the mag is unreadable, so it doesn't matter what it looks like.

Here's part of a page from this file at 5000px:


Here's that same part of the page at 3200px:


Both are of identical quality at any kind of reading-level zoom. Feel free to open them in new windows to see them slightly larger than our forums will display. (And to be honest, both are probably easier to read than the actual printed page, since Japanese mags use very small fonts.)

No matter how high the resolution of someone's display is, there will never be a need to zoom in further than a normal reading distance.  So we do not edit our files under the assumption that anyone will EVER read the magazine with just a few words on screen at a time like this:


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