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PSExtreme Issue 46 (September 1999)

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PSExtreme Issue 46 (September 1999)

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I want to write more about the significance of this particular issue of PS Extreme later, but for now please know that you, E-Day and CIVICMINDED have ended a roughly 6 year search for an obscure issue of PS Extreme that one could not even find a cover image of on Google images or really a reference too anywhere, even on eBay. I'm serious when I say this particular issue is NOWHERE on the interwebz - and it's weird as most everything is, right? At least on some obscure corner. But not this issue (trust me I've spent years trying to find it).

I get that PS Extreme may not be the most 'significant' gaming mag out there (especially compared to the likes of EGM and Nintendo Power) but for me, this particular issue of this particular publication is the holy grail for me. It hits at a particular time in my life where I was heavily into gaming mags and also was a pretty significant time of change for me (was about to go out of state for College for the first time). I don't know what happened to the copy I bought in late August of 1999 at a Wal-Mart in Anchorage, Alaska (like most other gaming mags I ever had), but I suspect I left it behind when I left for Oregon to college and was eventually tossed in the bin.

Like most of us here on Retromags, I think most of us have 'that' issue that most resonates with our past and makes us fade into (if only at least tempoarily) that irrecoverable past that we sometimes crave .This issue was it for me. Thank you E-day for scanning this, thank you CIVICMINDED for donating this. You are gods to me at this moment.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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PS - the one thing I always remembered of this magazine was that it was 'that Playstation mag with Pac-Man on the cover from late 1999'. As I wrote earlier, it's basically non-existent on the Internet and trying to do an image search will yield nothing. I began to think I was crazy or had false memories from that time seeing as to how there was no record online of it.

Thank you for making me realize I'm not at least 100 percent crazy, lol.

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Wow, just for that story above I have an urge to download the entire (as for now) collection for this title magazine. *Snick, Snick, Snick...* :Ps1: 🔖 👍

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