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Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Strategies

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A 1989 NES book published by Bantam, likely pushed out to capitalize on the success of Jeff Rovin's How to Win at Nintendo Games from St. Martin's Press. This is mostly text with the occasional screenshot or box artwork thrown in, but either their screen capture tech was too primitive, or Bantam's monochrome printing process wasn't set up to handle pictures, because the screenshots from this book look awful.

Also, the margins in my copy of this book are seriously wacky. You'll see text running almost straight to the edge of the page in some sections, while others give plenty of space for the text. This is an issue with the printing of the book, not me being a klutz with the cropping tool, but I still apologize for how the text waffles and flies all over the place as you're scrolling through.

That said, the book is amusing for Sandler and Badgett's witty asides and commentary on the games they are covering. It's one of the very few books from this era to cover Friday the 13th, and it also features write-ups with mock artwork for several NES titles which never came to fruition. I've never seen these games mentioned in any other publication of the era, so it's an important historical artifact from that perspective alone, confirming that Matchbox at one time was working on creating NES software (or at least paying someone else to do so).

In any case, this kicked off a successful series for Bantam, who followed this up with a second volume a year later, as well as a book for the Super NES, and a Classic Game Strategies tome which focused on earlier NES titles. Unfortunately I don't own any of those, but I'd love to preserve them, so if you have a copy you're willing to sacrifice to the Divine Guillotine Paper Cutter of my local FedEx Office, let me know. :)

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As with other scans of mine, there are several blank pages throughout the book which have been eliminated in order to decrease the file size and maintain the flow of a digital version. The last six pages of the book, in fact, are blank on both sides. And, sadly, the money-saving coupons have all since expired. Too bad. :)

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