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Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Super NES Game Strategies '95 Edition

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About This File

The 1995 update to the long-running "Ultimate Unauthorized" series of books, this time written by Jason Rich as opposed to Corey Sandler and Tom Badgett. Very minimal illustrations and screenshots, almost all text, it's a travesty that at this point in the series they were charging $10.95 for this book when there were so many better offerings out there. About the only good things one can say is that it does cover a ton of titles, and the paper quality is superior to other books of its type.

Otherwise, pity the poor reader who wound up with this book instead of one of the many better selections out there. I felt guilty chopping up some of the other books I've scanned, just because going through them brought back so many good memories and it seems a shame to destroy one even if the end result is that it's preserved for others to enjoy.

This one though? I feel zero guilt. It merely existed on my shelf, and now I can recycle it to make room for something worthier.

Enjoy. ‚̧ԳŹ

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As uninteresting as this book is, it's still a better love story than Twilight, and better at being a strategy guide than BradyGames' disastrous Final Fantasy IX book with its ridiculous, multiple-times-per-page directive to visit Squaresoft's stupid PlayOnline website to get the information you assumed would actually be in the book you just dropped $19.95 on. :)

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OH MY WORD YOU WERE NOT KIDDING!!!  Just scanned thru the file, and ignoring "minor" errors (Super Metroid taking place on SR388???), I laughed myself silly on the Super Metroid description of Wall Jumping, noting that you needed a long HORIZONTAL path, instead of VERTICAL path.  LOL!

2021-11-24 06_16_10-Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Super NES Game Strategies '95 Edition001 page 028.jpg

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3 hours ago, MSR1701 said:

Will take a look, had never heard of this guide before.

BTW, do you have access to the GamePro 1995 Power Player's Guides? There was an SNES and Genesis version (link below for Sega Retro's entry on the Genesis version):



I do not have either of these, unfortunately. :)

And yeah, this particular book is rife with errors. They even misspell the game Rampart as "Rampar" in the table of contents. :)

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  • Retromags Curator

Yes, this was the "Bantam Game Mastery Series" from Bantam Books. They published a slew of books between 1989 and the mid-90s. I have a few others I'm planning to work on in the future. In fact, this '95 Update might be the last book in the series. I've never seen or come across one from a later time. :)

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