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Games for Windows Issue 08 (July 2007)

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About This File

Hey DOOMGUY2000.  I already uploaded this to the Internet Archive weeks ago.  Nya nya nya nya nyaaaa naaaaa!!  Too slow!

😂 (He'll still upload it again. He can't help it, some people are just simple.)

As for the rest of you, here's the latest issue of Computer Gaming World 2.0, complete with its Microsoft-purchased generic new title and Microsoft-purchased advertising section designed to look like articles (but thankfully (legally) labeled "special advertising section.")  Skip that part unless you're a complete tool like DOOMGUY2000

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Yep, Doomguy2000 pulled through and promptly uploaded YET ANOTHER copy of this file.   😂

A lot of people who reupload our files elsewhere without giving any sort of acknowledgement of where they come from pretend that they're simply helping out by ensuring that the file is mirrored in multiple places.  That argument doesn't hold water when you're uploading it to your own account at the exact same site that the creator of the file has already uploaded it. 

How sad that some people can only find self-worth by falsely laying claim to the efforts of others.  But what do I know, maybe this guy has a really terrible life, and the artificial sense of pride he gets from seeing that someone has downloaded a file he copy/pasted is the only thing keeping him from sucking on the end of a shotgun.  Who am I to take that away from him?  So run and be free, Doomguy.  I won't bother you again, and I hope you find a way to climb out of the rut your life has taken and find joy in something that you can claim as your own someday. 😢

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