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So, while browsing I found a site I had no clue about that has scanned the entirety of Computer Gaming World. While I was more of a PCXL guy, and than after that PC Gamer at times, I also read a few issues of CGW in the past and found myself downloading every issue of CGW just to add to my (massive) magazines, game manuals and strategy guides folder on my external drive. Gotta say I kinda like the mag, and it was nice reading about my "missing era" of PC gaming when I dropped out of PC gaming and went sole console for a while (more or less from 2000 to 2010).

Just wanted to give the site a shoutout, was glad to see they have a complete collection of the huge history of that mag. I had no clue they eventually transitioned to Games for Windows magazine for a couple years before they shut it down.

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Yeah, it's a great site and they've done a good job collecting all the issues. The main problems I have with their scans are the presence of lots of lines due to not cleaning the scan plates on their document scanners and the small size due to reduced quality and using OCR which runs the risk of typing errors. Better than nothing though and until I can acquire a bigger collection they're the only game in town. Go to my site if you want three issues in higher resolution.

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