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I'm really excited because I just ordered one of these through their Indiegogo campaign, and I wanted to share what looks to be one of the swiftest, easiest and most aesthetically pleasing scanners I have ever seen. If this works as well as advertised, this could be a godsend for scanning and autocorrecting books and magazines without the need for debinding and essenially destroying our collections. I myself have several old gaming books in mind to scan, and intend to share my experience and results here once the product ships sometime early next year.

If anyone wants to get in on it now, there are still 3 weeks left for the campaign as of this writing. It sounds like it will be commercially available next year at a higher retail cost. (Not sure how the pricing behind that works, but I suppose the campaign is part discount based on ordering directly and paying well in advance?) The basic campaign goal has already been met, but they have a stretch goal of reaching 1.5 million US dollars for which they will donate 50 scanners to schools throughout the US and China. Not sure if they'll reach that goal, but I imagine they might just do that anyway as it's a really positive PR move, good for attracting media and customer attention. I almost hate to give such glowing praise to something for fear that it will turn out to be far less than I dreamed of, but I admittedly have high hopes for this.

Also they have a nice little mat that cradles the bindings of hardcover books in some of their videos, something like that seems useful to have though perhaps it is unnecessary.

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