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(Done) Missing Magazine: NewType Gaming

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Here's a fun one lol

NewType Gaming is obviously related to NewType magazine but I really couldn't find any info on it. The issues I was able to get from eBay weren't helpful in terms of documenting the run but here's what I've been able to piece together:

  • Published bi-monthly as indicated in the copyright notice
  • Volumes represent the years, number the issue. No way of knowing if they strictly adhered to corresponding months as there is no month indicator.
  • Beginning with Volume 1, Number 4 the year appears on the cover as part of a circle encompassing the volume and issue number.
  • Volume 2, Number 2 is the only one with a copyright year in the small print. It indicates 1994 despite the cover reflecting 1995. As it is the second issue of the volume there's the question of whether this is a misprint or the front year indicator is staggered. This is what makes assigning months difficult.
  • I have no idea when the magazine ceased printing as simple web searches rarely dredge this magazine up.
  • It is a slick publication on heavy stock with a lot of original artwork. There is very little advertising. Each issue has different dimensions, close to each other, but obviously different. Two of the four I have would not fit in my 11x17 scanner flatbed without extending slightly outside horizontally once unbound.

Here are the four I have on hand:

Volume 1, Number 3


Volume 1, Number 4


Volume 1, Number 5


Volume 2, Number 2


This one's gonna be tough to archive given the number of fold-outs present in each issue.


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I remember this magazine. It didn't last very long but was memorable for being large format like Newtyoe USA. I want to say it didn't last beyond the dot com bubble collapse of 99. But I'm not 109 percent.

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