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Missing Magazine: Foul, Videogame Subculture


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Okay, this may both questionable and tough.

Questionable as in, is it a 'zine, or a real magazine worth archiving. Tough, as in details are difficult to come by.

After watching this video:

I did the normal eBay search and after a lot of scrolling (due to the word "foul" being all over the place lol) I found an issue which arrived today:

Foul, Issue 7


It has ads. I have confirmation that it was on newsstands. But many 'zines meet those criteria. So I'm putting what I've learned out there.

The magazine started in either late 2001 or early 2002. Per this forum post:


It appears Issue 10 was out in November 2002. The issue I have has no month let alone year. Even the copyright section is absent of any indication.

My issue, Issue 7, has State of Emergency on the cover. It was released in February 2002. Since this is more "underground" they are likely writing after the fact. If they maintained a monthly schedule that would make this August. However an ad for a party on May 1st suggests this was a March or April issue with a "Release Dates" section listing March titles as the oldest date. At bi-monthly this would be the May issue so that suggests they had no set schedule making digging the release dates difficult.

So what do you guys think?

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I am working on scanning it but it's taking time and unfortunately i may have kinda made it rough by trying to trim the pages to fit through my document scanner. I didn't like the quality I got that way so I'm now running it through my flatbed so that is much slower going.

I have 3 issues. #6, #8, and #7.

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