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Podcasting with Nintendo Power


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So I hadn't done a Podcast on my site for a while, and figured I would have some fun with it. I ended up doing a "Let's Read" on an issue of Nintendo Power. Just a podcast of my random thoughts as I flipped through an issue of Nintendo Power, and the YouTube video has me following along in the mag. Gave a shout out to RetroMags in it too. If anyone wants to watch it's here

Also, I don't run ads or anything on the video, or most that I do. Not looking for ad revenue, just thought it was a neat idea to do a lets read instead of lets play.

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Nice podcast. Might be best to do them sequentially, rather than at random. The outlook of the times was interesting... that's what I find the most compelling about these old mags (aside from PCXL of course which is just a timeless laugh riot). I'd be more interested in reflections about how you and others felt about living in the 80s/90s, the sense of purpose and excitement that came from experiencing the games and the hype itself.

I did find it interesting that Nintendo basically put a large piece of the emulation puzzle in the pocket of pirates by explaining their memory mapper tech in exhaustive detail. No other magazine did that that I recall... in fact, EGM regularly got the details just plain wrong. I think Nintendo, and NP, came to regret that decision, though it must have seemed like a good idea at the time with Sega's flat memory model chips getting a lot of press.

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