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2 hours ago, te72 said:

Armored Core is definitely not the one I remember playing. The game I played, you had to basically program your mech, then start the game. Once the game started, you weren't really in control anymore. Whatever the game was called, it likely had a demo on a PS Underground issue. Or, perhaps it was Armored Core all along, and I just had a bad understanding of how to play it back then. This many years later, who knows!

You're thinking of Carnage Heart.

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Good to know about Bleemsync, I'm always a fan of being able to tinker with games, been doing that (well, got into pretty heavily for a while) back in the early 2000's.


Front Mission is actually a series I could really get into, love me some SRPG's. The game I was thinking of is Carnage Heart, what an overwhelming experience for a kid to try and figure out back then...


Edit: Kitsunebi beat me to it haha, thanks bud!

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