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Gallery Sub Groups for Posters, CDs, Pullouts...etc

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So what do we need to add to the Gallery to give users a place to upload extra items that came with magazines? What are the normal items we see that get bundled in with your gaming magazines?

Posters - example Nintendo Power

Stickers - example PSM

CDs - example Official Xbox Magazine

Trading Cards - example Nintendo Power

Supplements - example Nintendo Power and EGM

So my question is, which magazines had stuff bundled and should we just put those image categories under the covers category in the Gallery. There will be a separate discussion on how best to display these items in the Database records at a later time.

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I'm all for just leaving them in the magazine. But can you link gallery pictures in the database wiki? That could work for like posters.

Well some items make sense to leave in the magazine release file, but I am talking about images in the Gallery. So for example, we have a Nintendo Power section that has the Nintendo Power Covers.....

Now if you look at the top of that page, you will see a sub category for Nintendo Power Posters. This allows users to not only browse the Nintendo Power covers, but also the posters that came with each magazine. What I am proposing is that we create a few more sub categories under Nintendo Power.....

Nintendo Power

|__Nintendo Power Posters

|__Nintendo Power Trading Cards

|__Nintendo Power Supplements

|__Nintendo Power Pogs

While some Nintendo Powers may get scanned and the trading card page may still be present, first it generally does not count as a page number. Second of all, it is a randomly generated page, which does not give the user to see all the trading cards, as each magazine may only have 6-9 random cards displayed. By giving extra sub Gallery categories under each magazine we can allow users to browse other items that came with the magazines....

Official Xbox Magazine

|__Official Xbox Magazine CD/DVD and Sleeves


|__PSM Playstation Lid Stickers


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