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Action Plan in Phillyman's Absence

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With Phillyman potentially being away for a few weeks, I do not want things to come to a grinding halt. So I would like to devise a plan of things to get done while he is away since it will be up to me to poke around the back-end and figure things out. Hopefully things will go better this time compared to the last time I was at the helm :)

First things first, if you submit a scan for a magazine that has just recently been allowed for preservation, but the download link does not show up on the database page, let me know. While the little coloured icon under the cover on the index page no longer says "Not Allowed", a setting to show the download link icon may still be set to not show. It happened when I re-instated EGM 128. So just let me know and I will fix that for you.

I would like to get the database and numbering issues with Game Player'/Players/Ultra GamePro">GP/Game Buyer/whatever and Tips & Tricks and all it's various names. I finished scanning an issue of Tips & Tricks and am now scanning an issue of Ultra Game Players, so I would like to get these issues sorted out soon so that the scans can be posted. If we can get a consensus on what to do in this thread, or back in the other threads on this topic, that would be great. Everyone is welcome to make suggestions.

If there are any other pressing issues you want to bring up, please do. But right now I think the Game Player's/s and Tips & Tricks issues are the most important ones, so let's get those finished :)

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