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On 6/17/2017 at 0:19 PM, E-Day said:

I would suggest deleting all the issues in the Download Manager. If I have them all, there should be nine of them in there. Once everything on the site is fixed, I'll rename the scans and their pages and re-upload them. That way the issue number for the scan and its pages match everything on the site. Then I will upload the four that have been waiting for this issue to be resolved. Some for more than a year ;)

Deleting the issues and reuploading them as something new is unnecessary.  Just "upload a new version" in the download section's file options.  It's not like these will be re-scans, they're the same files just with altered filenames, so no one who already has the issues really needs to download them again.

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17 hours ago, ChrisB said:

I worked on every issue of Tips & Tricks. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

So am I correct in assuming you are Tips &Tricks' Editor in Chief Chris Bieniek?
Tips & Tricks doesn't fall within my personal realm of game-magazine knowledge (I bought magazines for reviews and features, so I never read mags that were mainly strategy/codes), but I know it's a favorite of some of our members, so I'm sure someone has some questions for you.  Welcome to Retromags!

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