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Video Game Music Recommendations For Babies


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As a new dad, my little girl is turning 11 weeks old this Friday. I am looking to put together some music for her to listen to. At first I was going to do the cliche classical music, but I am thinking of putting together a mix tape of video game music for her. So any recommendations on awesome video game music....here is what I have so far.....

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I'd say go for music that's atmospheric or has a child like vibe like:

Snes:yoshi island level 1

Nes:Nemo the dream master level 1,rose garden and ending music.

N64:mario 64 dock level.

Kingdom hearts:dearly beloved jukebox version

Zelda wind waker: title screen, open sea and Dragon roost island.

Zelda Ocarina of time/major as mask: forest temple, eponas ranch music, name screen music,asteral observatory.

Zelda twilight princess:city in the sky and the ice castle theme (forgot name where fight the abominable snowman looking things wife.

Megaman 7: iceman,cloudman,spring man .

Megaman 8:tengu man

Megaman 6:flame men heck pretty much all of them have music that is atmospheric.

Megaman 3:magnet man.

Famicom mother:intro

Megaman 9:sea woman

Almost any track for smb. 3

Donkey kong COUNTRY 1 ,2 ,3:ice cave chant ,sticker brush symphony,under water levels.

Tmnt nes: underwater level

Megaman x1:ending theme,password theme,end conclusion theme.

Megaman x3:blizzard buffalo,gravity beetle and end theme.

Megaman x4:both parts of ice level.

Mario kart 7:rainbow road.

Sonic drift 2:milky galaxy(if you don't find loops annoying.)

ZELDA 2 NES :Intro theme and palace.

Metriod nes or zero mission: brainstar.

Klonoa name enter music and lvl one.

Destination earth star theme

Kid icurus: lvl one and intro

nes Zelda intro and end credit music(famicom version)

Lastly Nes ducktales:amazon,ice level and moon level theme.

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As someone who has listened to VGM to fall asleep for the past oh... 12 or 13 years now, I recommend just about any FF or Chrono soundtracks. Suikoden has some nice songs as well, throughout the entire series. Bad as the game was, FF7 Dirge of Cerebus has a nice OST as well. Wild Arms, another good one. Just comb through them and remove any songs that might shock someone awake...

Fair warning, once you start them on the path of listening to music while sleeping, they're likely gonna need it to ever sleep haha.

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Forget the baby, I want this collection. Ha. I could listen to this stuff for years, so many memorable games and songs. Then when you tire of the originals (as if) there are remixes out the wazoo. Piano, Mario Paint, metal versions, the links above with the music box were a first.

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Wow so many good choices in this. You can never go wrong with Nintendo brand schooling. I will always have this retrospect of 8 and 16 bit game deaths burned into my memory. It's has actually been on my music hard drive for years and I do not get tired of watching it. Good quality sound, tempo that play nicely with the fond memories of these smelly old games. :)

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