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4 minutes ago, TheRedEye said:

The magazines are not in a private collection, they're owned by the nonprofit I run and are in a library that will eventually be open to researchers for free. Just because I don't have the time to scan full magazines (or the willingness to destroy any binding in our library copies) doesn't mean they're lost, it just means they're not scanned.

Oh, I know.  I'm aware of your secret identity. 😋 I wasn't talking about your collection, which is available (well, one day).  And of course I don't mean lost as in "Ark of the Covanent" lost.  Just the "not easily found" kind of lost.  But for someone like me, spending thousands of dollars to fly to America to visit a library in order to look at a magazine is so impractical as to be essentially the same as if those mags are unavailable.  So I consider such things lost (to me).  It's not your fault - your purpose in preservation is different than that of a scanning site.  I was referring to private collections in regards to collectors whose mags will sit in boxes in closets for their entire lives and will likely be tossed into the garbage upon their deaths.  Not everyone is obliged to scan and destroy their collections obviously.  But it's a fact that the fewer people there are that own a copy of a particular mag, the fewer chances there are that one of the owners will be willing to do scan it.  Which is again why most of our scans are of common mags that take up permanent residence on eBay.

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