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New Release: Famitsu Issue 0164 (February 7, 1992)

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Oops, just realized I forgot the splash page. I'll fix it shortly...

OK, fixed

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Who is the girl on the front? Just a marketing ploy?

I'd have to look through the magazine and see if I could decipher enough to give you a name, but more than likely she was a pop idol at the time. Famitsu ran articles about and interviews with traditionally non-gaming audiences the same way Nintendo Power used their 'Celebrity Spotlight' column to focus on athletes, actors, or other celebs and the fun they had with their NES consoles. :)

So yes, marketing ploy, but in the same vein as putting Brittney Spears or the Backstreet Boys on the cover of a magazine from the mid-90's was here in the US. :)



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