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New Release: Video Games Issue 18 (March 1984)


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Retromags Presents!

Video Games Issue 18

March 1984


Database Entry!

Download Directly!

Thanks to VGBounceHouse for scanning and editing this issue!

Thanks for doing the post for this. I was going to grab this later today when I have to make one for EGM anyway. Felt bad for waiting so long but figured easier to knock out two birds with one stone so to speak.

Also thank you VGB. Maybe the first time I've ever heard of print coverage for Track and Field, an arcade and NES game I really love.

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thank you buy what magazine is this ?? never heard of it.

It's the third U.S. videogame magazine to launch after Electronic Games and Videogaming Illustrated. Though it and VI bear the same cover date of August 1982 I'm pretty sure VI made it to the stands first. If you want to add computer-only Computer Gaming World to the mix that makes it fourth (or tied for third) to the newsstand.

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