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Magazines database only for scans?


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Hi. Simple question - is database only for magazines that planned to be scanned? Or may be for information for all magazines?

For example - I'm Russian. I can (and want) add info about some our magazines, may be with covers:

- PC Игры\PC Igry\PC Games

- Страна Игр\Strana Igr\Game Country\Country Of Games

- Игромания\Igromania\Game Addiction

- and other...

Is it interesting here, or it's just a base for magazines which planned to scan?

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Nope, it is for every magazine ever made world wide! I am willing to add entries for any gaming magazines out there. This is how the process goes.....

  • Someone brings a magazine that is missing to our attention.
  • Then an Admin of this site creates a category for it in our Image Gallery, so we can start collecting cover images
  • We also add a record to the Publication Database to start collecting information on the history of said magazine
  • If we know how many issues total were published, we create a Magazine Database Category and that many records
  • We then try to gather an idea of the dates of those records, and add that information into the magazine records
  • If anyone preserves an issue of that magazine, we then create a Download Category for those files to be uploaded to

The one piece of information that I really need, is an approximate issue number of where our cut off date would take effect. So lets take Igromania for example, I don't speak Russian...but it looks like from this Tweet that there are at least 223 issues of that magazine.


So, since that magazine would straddle the line between "Allowed" and "Not Allowed".....I need to know approximately where the December 2001 issue is.

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Awesome, I will add this to my list of magazine records to create this week. My brother in law goes to Russia at least twice a year, where does someone go to get a magazine over there? I asked him to find a convenience store and see if they have magazines, but he can never find this magazine.

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Because we don't have such stores) At least at small towns. Retro magazines spreads by... retro gamers community, who find them from friends or on local auctions like avito.ru, gbx.ru. Another way - retro community on sites like emu-gamer.ru or something like it... But, in difference from Asian magazines, our retro maniacs scanned all that can find))) Because 90th so nostalgic for our console market)))

P.S. BTW, if you want to know something about Russian magazins ask me, i find info if i can...

P.P.S. sorry for off-top)

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