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Looking for which magazine has this KQV NES ad?


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I recently came across this ad shown on a blog. Unfortunately, the blog has no contact info and does not attribute the source of the ad.

My first thought was Nintendo Power but I haven't run across the ad yet.

Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge about which magazine this ad might be found in?


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EGM 38 page 2. You can DL it from the site. Our copy has a much better picture as well. Looking at the folds on that blog site you can tell it is a cover page by the wrinkles on the edge which is typical of front and back covers. Also the reader service care text is typical of the EGM service card text on all their ads. (I guess I've scanned enough of these to pick that kind of stuff up.) Anyway I just looked through the 1992 EGM;s when this game was released on the front and back 2 pages till I found it.

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