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Missing Magazine: Tech Gian


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This information is complete and ready to be entered into the database:

Tech Gian (Japan)

  • Publisher: Aspect (Issues 1-43) Enterbrain (44-current)
  • Issue 1: November 1996
  • Issue 238: August 2016 (current)

This is a monthly magazine dedicated to adult games, mainly for the PC, but console titles are covered as well. It began publication in November 1996 and has maintained a regular monthly schedule ever since (so excuse me if I don't list every individual issue here :) ) It is currently published by Enterbrain, who also publish Famitsu.

I've had one issue of this magazine scanned and edited for a couple of weeks now. If a database entry/download section is created, it can go up immediately. I've also already uploaded the demo disc that came with the magazine over at archive.org, and will continue to do so with any future issues I scan (I've got a big box full of 'em).

Tech Gian Issue 011 September 1997

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