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what is your ideal concept for a gaming controller?


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I would like to take the handles of a Virtual Boy controller, with the six buttons on the right like a Sega Saturn controller, the 4 shoulder buttons of a Playstation controller but positioned on the back of the controller like a Virtual Boy (so they aren't actually shoulder buttons which I find awkward and never understood why people like them!), and the D-Pad of the Turbo Touch 360 controller. I think I would place the d-pad and left Analog stick onto a rotatable section so you could easily switch between the d-pad being on the left side or the joystick being on the left side. It would cost more but this would have to be the ideal controller! 

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i don't spend a lot of time creating a franken-troller in my mind, but i always loved the n64 controller when it came out. i thought nothing would top it.

but then they made the GameCube, and those controllers just feel so damn comfortable and intuitive, they rank at the top of my list.

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When I first played N64 I felt like I was learning to dry a manual transmission.  I was used to the Digital pad for so long that the Analog stick felt awkward. 


I agree about Gamecube controllers.  I had 2.4 Ghz Madcatz Micron controller and remember it fitting to my hands well.


I would make Xbox 360 controllers have 6 buttons on the face and Sega Saturn Dpad.

I would wire my own keyboard which had buttons with emulator functions in mind like Pick save state, Quick load, Quick save.

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