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Any magazines focusing on Arcade games?


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Hey all,

So, yes, was just remembering how I was huge into the arcade scene in the late eighties and thought it'd be pretty great if there was a magazine dedicated to arcade games. I don't know of any but this sure seems to be like the place to ask. There s a UK magazine but thats just console stuff I believe.


So yes, anyone? I think I do recall seeing a  Japanese magazine at some point but if theres any English language magazines I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!

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Star Tech Journal is one I'm aware of, though it's geared towards the technical sides of ownership, operation and repair as opposed to things like tips and strategies. Same with Play Meter, which started in 1974 and is still going, and RePlay which is now defunct. :)


'Electronic Games' wasn't exclusively arcade-themed, but it did carry news, reviews, and strategy tips for arcade games back in the day. Same with 'Computer and Video Games' out of the UK, and 'Electronic Fun With Computer and Video Games' in the US. Many of the gaming magazines of the 80s and 90s, especially EGM and GamePro, had small sections devoted to arcade games, and often featured big name ones like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter on their covers. :)


Amusingly enough, the UK publication 'Arcade' didn't cover arcade games...it was devoted to consoles. Silly Brits. ;)



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There are a few English arcade oriented magazines as well .....

  • GameRoom Magazine - dedicated to all things arcade but with heavy emphasis on pinball (discontinued 2008. Rights purchased but nothing has ever come of it that I am aware regarding restarting publication)
  • Play Meter - nice looking magazine going way, way back (1979 at least) and still in production today
  • Leisure Line -  Australian publication aimed at arcade outlets. I have several available on my website (discontinued)
  • Cashbox International - another Australian magazine (discontinued)
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