Missing Magazine: Dreamcast Fan

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I had a couple issues of these and have finished editing one of them.






Keen observers (e.g. kitsunebi77) will notice that this issue is numbered 156, following the numbering scheme of its predecessor, Saturn Fan, which itself was preceded by Mega Drive Fan.


Sega Retro has some more info:


Expect another issue soon. Have at it!

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Who else besides me played Seaman?  God bless Yoot Saito and his strange strange game.


Remember when Japan used to be the birthing place for weird crazy ideas?  What the hell happened?  Everything is cookie-cutter predictable now.


Actually, I just found out that there was a Seaman 2 released on the PS2 in Japan where it evolves into a tiny caveman.  Soooooooo wanna play.

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