Missing Magazine: Computer Game Review

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I realize there's already a DB and Gallery section, but this magazine is a little complicated. It started off as "Computer Game Review and 16-bit Entertainment" and in less than a year became "Computer Game Review and CD-ROM Entertainment." By 1994 the magazine split and became "Computer Game Review" and "CD-ROM Entertainment" and shipped together, at least for a time. Do we create a separate DB for CD-ROM Entertainment or include them as supplements? Need to do more research on this, but I'm making this thread because there's no place in the Download Manager for either one of these yet and I've been scanning them.

Check 'em out, why don't you!

That last link I just finished editing today and originally included a 40-page Electronics Boutique catalog bound within the mag but was so oddly printed, with pages upside down that could be read in reverse for different product categories, that I left them out of the CBR file. It makes a lot cleaner file because then the page numbering makes sense. I'll save the whole scan and can always upload the catalog for someone who really wants it, but it's junk.

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Well, it does say right on the cover of CD-ROM Entertainment, "a supplement of Computer Game Review," so I don't think it would be presumptuous to treat it as a supplement. :) 


Kind of weird that they split the mag in half, though.   It would have made sense to split them apart if it had been Computer Game Review and Jet Ski Monthly or something, but both parts of the mag are pretty much covering exactly the same thing, so I fail to see the logic in creating an unnecessary supplement section.

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