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90's Campy Canadian Animated


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In the late 80's and early 90's I remember watching canadian cartoons before getting on the bus for an hour drive to school.

It took an hour because I lived in a rural area and had to commute in the opposite direction of the closest major city.


We all had 3 + 1 channels in which we picked up from the closest city by way of rabbit ears.  CTV CBC STV (later Global) and CBC French.  The french channel wasn't watched because my generation of students missed the mandatory french class by one year. B)  The french channel did however on occasion provide some more adult oriented programming at later hours. :bag:


Mostly I remember CBC and Global having these cartoons on in the morning.  There was Ovide, Kitty Kats, Babar, Smoggies and Canadian Astro Boy.  That's right Astro Boy fans, in the late 80's, early 90's Canada mandated a certain amount of Canadian shows such as the ones I listed but Astro Boy was originally Japanese before it came to USA.  Canadian Astro Boy was different because it had a Canadian Voice actor, alternate intro and a recount at the end of each episode where Astroboy would record what happened to his compute Geronimo and interact with the viewer. 


Dailymotion has higher quality of these old recordings but Youtube embeds better. 

This is only the ending of Canadian Astro Boy



Kity Kats kinda freaked me out. 



I can't find Ovide in anything but French.



Everyone's likely heard of Babar.  I believe it went on to syndication.



Smoggies is so campy and retro it's hard to watch anymore.  This would be something you would tease a fellow canadian for enjoying.




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