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7th Annual NES Marathon for Children's Miracle Network


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Just a heads up to anyone obsessed with the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  Pat Contri and co-host Ian Furguson will be hosting the 7th Annual NES Marathon for Children's Miracle Network.

This is a non profit marathon where all money donated goes to the Children's Miracle Network which helps children in North America with health care needs, support and rehabilitation.


They start this 24 hour Marathon Saturday November 12 2016 at 2 PM Eastern and it runs for 24 hours into Sunday.


As usual Pat plays a few minutes of each game cartridge while honoring different goals that donators request.  Pat has upwards of 800 games so you never get to see more than a couple minutes for most games unless it is a request or a goal.


This is a verified nonprofit charity backed by Indigogo.  Go to the site for more information and a list of prizes.


I have been watching this thing every year since 2012 and I smile thinking of these guys up all night blowing into cartridges with their eyes being held open by toothpicks. :)





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It's up and running.  The link to the stream is twitch stream. Here it is.




The Marathon started with a total of $8400

Ian has been replaced by a man named Gerard.


$500  Super Mario Bros
$1,000  Wally Bear and the No! Gang
$1,500  Castlevania
$2,000  Arkanoid
$2,500  Rampart
$3,000  Baby Boomer
$3,500  Spy Hunter
$4,000  Bubble Bobble
$4,500  Dusty Diamond All Star Softball
$5,000  Gun Nac
$5,500  Double Dragon II
$6,000  Contra
$6,500  Kung Fu speed run
$7,000  Werewolf
$7,500  Excitebike VS
$8,000  Linkara
$8,500  Three Stooges
$9,000  Guerilla War 2 player co-op
$9,500  Jirard Chooses a Game
$10,000  Brentalfloss
$10,500  Tecmo Superbowl
$11,000  Andre Meadows
$11,500  Rock N Ball
$12,000  Pixel Dan
$12,500  Super Dodge Ball
$13,000  Gaming Historian
$13,500  Frank Stops By
$14,000  Kevin Lieber
$14,500  Ice Hockey Challenge
$15,000  AVGN Exclusive Video
$15,500  Pro Wrestling
$16,000  8-Bit Alli
$16,500  Mr. Gimmick
$17,000  Silk Worm
$17,500  Pat Chooses a Game
$18,000  Top Gun
$18,500  Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat
$19,000  Abobo Deathmatch
$19,500  Action 52
$20,000  Legend of Zelda

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